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Hyperiums, the Massive Galactic Wargame

Hyperiums, the Massive Galactic Wargame

Free massively multiplayer sci-fi strategy & diplomacy game, 100% browser based (no download needed), featuring space and ground battles for planet conquest, trading, spying, alliances, politics... and much more. Running since early 2001, Hyperiums associates a very simple and original concept with a richness of possibilities that makes it one of the best rated games in its category. Hyperiums runs two never-ending persistent universes: the first one at standard speed, while the second one, more "Real Life Friendly", only needs one connection (or a few minutes) per day. 3 months games are also launched regularly. Hyperiums has gathered a great community of thousands of active and loyal players. Join us now, it's free and fun!

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5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: nath14 on 2005-09-17

hyperiums is the greatest online game in the world its so good the teachers at my school play on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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