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Free Games : Free Online Multiplayer Games : Netstorm - Islands at War

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Netstorm - Islands at War popular

Netstorm - Islands at War

NetStorm: Islands at War opened up a whole new era of online gaming. As the very first to offer a realtime multiplayer-strategy game, in a lagfree manner, it was truly revolutionary within the gaming industry. Voted #1 Game That No One Bought by C-Net Game Center and praised by critics for its pioneering, well-structured and not least enjoying gameplay, It has the potential to be an absolute favourite in your game collection.

Latest User Review

Quality Game - Sooo addictive!

(5/5) Reviewed by User: Intimidator on 2003-08-01

This game is amazing, everyone should at least try this game for 1-2 weeks and you will be hooked. Ive played this game for ages, theres so many different people playing it and all at different levels. Its good to chat and join the community too. I would definatlly recommend it to everyone.

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