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Americas Army popular

This game has got to be the hottest new first person shooters out there! Did I mention that it is completely free? The "Operations" part of the game currently allows up to 20 players to play per server and is modeled after a U.S. army soldiers environment. Here is a review of the game:: Also check out the Americas Army website at Thanks and hope to see you there. Happy Fragging!

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America's Army

5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: Clive Slate on 2003-09-09

honestly this game is unbelievable that it's free looking at the homepage and screenshots makes you think there's gotta be some catch but NO it completly FREE!!!! no payments unless buying something off the site but be sure to have DSL or CABLE or be prepaired to leave the internet on.72hours with phone line

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