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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Listing in our Directory

To ensure (the "site") remains one of the worlds best resources for free and online games we have the following Terms and Conditions for listings in our Directory.

It is a requirement that:

  1. A link (from our link to us page) must be placed on the page you wish our link to land on when clicked by visitors.
  2. Maintain a working email account with your User account with us. (We protect your email privacy)

It is unacceptable to:

  1. Implement or use any method that forces or in any way incents a particular rating for your or any other game on our site.
  2. Implement or use any method that runs our rating code from anywhere but the detail game page.
  3. Encourage voters to vote more than once per month.
  4. Use any type of proxy or other device that changes a users IP address when they visit the site.
  5. Inflate or enhance your ratings by any means other than encourage people to vote honestly from our game detail page.
  6. Change or attempt to change the ratings by any means other than by encouraging the general public to vote via the game detail page on the site.

Penalties for any breach of these terms and conditions may include any or all of these:

  1. Loss or resetting of ratings and reviews
  2. Deletion of game from the directory
  3. Cancellation (without refund) of any advertising in place on our site/s.

Any breaches or suspected breaches of these Terms and Conditions should be reported to

These Terms & Conditions may be changed from time to time.

Dated: 7-May-2005