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Free online multiplayer web rpg. Play the role of a criminal or authority and try to work your way up and gain control of the entire city.

Latest User Review

Needs a bit more development..

(3/5) Reviewed by User: RocMat1 on 2004-09-07

They are working on it a bit, but still even now its an intresting game, not totally great though. There are 7 careers, Gangster,Police Officer,Armed Forces, Funeral Services, Hospital Staff, Banking, and Law. Each of these is unuique and each gives you a different type of power. Of course, there is also unemployed, citizen. As you can see, you can be good or evil in this game. It takes a while of reasearch to find all the rules, but after that, it's second nature to look up all the new rules. I myself have been a policeman before, and right now am unemployed. The real problems with this game is: Unequal imblanace of good and evil fighting, weapons are not as easy to get as in real life, money does not have enough value as it does pratically nothing unless you have a whole lot of it, and thats about it really. Though I would like more careers, you cant have everything.

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