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Earth has been murdered, ravaged and drained of all life by the destructive plague-like race known as the rapine. Far from the fall of Earth, in a solar system all of their own, live the pendragons. The pendragons, claiming to be descendants of actual dragons, are a technologically advanced race, capable of space travel and using magic via their strong ties to their spirit world, Fronima. -- Ramath-lehi is a very active, and friendly play-by-post message board based roleplaying community. The world is constantly expanding due to the fact that it is all player-created. Come join in, have fun, and contribute your ideas today!

Latest User Review

RaL Rocks!

(5/5) Reviewed by User: Hexae on 2003-10-10

I myself have been a member on and off since the place opened, and I must say; it has improved hundredfold! If you happened to stumble across this site last year, and weren't extremely impressed, give it a look now! The overall storyline has been tweaked, edited, discussed, and overall advanced by far. At least check it out. ^_^; There are virtually no hindering OoC laws at RaL. Get involved in a murder plot (with both parties' permission, of course), start a saucy romance epic, or even develop an entire family bloodlne. The possibilities are endless at Ramath-lehi. (And don't worry about the pronounciatian, even I can't say it right!) Hexae (Twobit, Jatei, Sephiroth, Hexa @ RaL)

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