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Cantr II

Cantr II is a multi-user, online, mostly text- and webbased simulation game whereby the whole social world is developed by the players. There is no prewritten history, no fixed economic or political system, no programmed money or predefined roles. You decide what your character is like and what his or her goals are like, and your challenge is to play your character consistently and reach the goals. Most goals require cooperation - can you trust your fellow characters? Your character will have limited information and will be dependent on all those characters around him or her, and yet you try to reach your goals, while playing your characters` personality consistently. And all these characters together form one society, with powerful people and powerless ones, with different economic, political and military structures. Peaceful cities and imperialistic ones. Wealthy and poor ones. The history is not written by the gamemaster, but over time, history is being written by all these characters together. The game has been running for over two years now, and there is a common experience: a bit hard to get into, for a few days, but once you`re involved ... The game is free and run by volunteers, the game is in permanent development, the game is unique for as far as I know, and the game can be played in several languages.

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5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: a98madison on 2003-10-14

Cantr is the free online game that I gave up all other free online games for. The heartbeat of the game is every three hours but you can log on anytime to discuss things with other chracters. It's no hack and slah game. But you can hurt other chracters with weapons. If you build or otherwise get a good weapon and shield you can do much havoc. That's not what the game is about but it is of course allowed. The game is about building goverments. There is nothing set in the game on goverment types everything is based only on how the chracters act. You can call yourelf king if you want to. Just like in real life you have to convince others that you are a king or a president or whatever. In this game team play (as long as it's not your out of game friends) is encouraged. There is no rigid team function. Just in real life the people that you trust and help you are the ones the trust and help you. It is not grpahical or real time. If you want that kill another dieseaed rat in EQ. This game allows "new" freedoms in online role playing. If you get up to go get some more chips you won't get killed. In fact most of the time if you don't log in for a week you won't get killed either. Conversely even if you log in constantly you can get killed. The feild is pretty blanced between ocansioanly users and every hour users. The life of each player is pretty slow. That is why you have 15 to play all in differnt areas having a unqiue experience. Think it of a REAL role playing game where you are a REAL chracter and not just another multi-class magic-user/fighter killing rats for a living.

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