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Alien Adoption Agency popular

Alien Adoption Agency

The Alien Adoption Agency is a unique browser-based game, in which you adopt and train an alien, and have it fight its way to the top. Known for an active and close community, the many guilds and forums provide not only a game, but a whole world away from reality. Ever seen the Earth rise?

Latest User Review

Not Bad!

(4/5) Reviewed by User: Jammer on 2003-07-30

The Alien Adoption Agency is an RPG style game that incorporates many elements of an RPG, such as power levels and the use of weapons and items. There are also various types of mini-games contained inside of it as well. New users are often find themselves at a loss when they first start playing, so here's a brief overview to get you started. The basic goal of the Alien Adoption Agency is to help your alien grow into a strong fighter. You accomplish this goal by collecting credits (the game's currency), and purchasing items and weapons. There are also two other types of currency that are used: marks and tokens. The marks are for special items in the game and tokens are for the casino. As you move along, more game elements will be made available, many of them involving RPGish elements and storyline. The first screen you'll see once you log in is referred to as "Your House". You'll know you're there because a picture of your alien will appear at the top center. Here you can use items, and check your news. The other main location is Georgetown, which is a bustling city filled with many unique locations. One of the first things you should consider doing is making a visit to 'My Account.' Here is where you can customize many features of your alien (including color). Your name, password, gender, and alien name all can be changed from the "Records Hall" located in Georgetown, for a fee of 100 credits. (It does not cost you anything to change these settings in the 'Account Setup'.) When you first adopt, you'll have a weeklong "immune" period in which you should familiarize yourself with the game's working, as well as begin equipping your alien. During this time your alien cannot be attacked, and likewise you cannot attack. Be warned though, after the week is over, you're fair game. During this "immune" period it is suggested that you read the help files to get familiarized with the game. There is a flourishing alien community found on the message boards, in the chat rooms, and over quick posts, which are the game version of email, in that they're sent between aliens, from the Post Office found in town. Feel free to make full use of these locations, but please use good judgment when posting where everyone can see. "Spamming" of message boards is not appreciated, and can result in your being banned from posting, or even removed from the game. Before asking (or posting!) any questions about the game, be sure to check the help section (links are found to the left of the login screen and in Georgetown as well). Hard work has gone into this area, and cluttering up the message boards with 'newbie' questions is both unhelpful and irritating. There is a special board for this. Every night a "server reset" occurs in which all aliens are brought back to life. Don't be surprised if you left your alien dead and you come back the next day and it's alive and kicking (or happened to be killed again.) There are many puzzles, riddles, and other challenges in the game. Once you've discovered/completed one, please keep that information to yourself. Giving away all the answers subtracts from the gaming experience for other players. Speaking of games, the AAA has tons! Before you do anything else, make sure you head over to Georgetown and visit the Casino (use Casino Tokens to gamble, you're given 20 each day); Fishing Hut (complex fishing game, several different locations, over 20 types of bait, tons of fish); try your luck at the stock market; or flex your mental muscles at the executioner's square (hangman). You can also flex your physical muscles at the Galaxy Gym. Here you can lift weights to make your alien stronger. Armed with this information, it should be easier to integrate yourself into the AAA. We're glad you joined, and hope to see you around.

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