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Terraworld popular


Ever played Final Fantasy 5? Did you like Zelda? Try our new First Star Online server Terraworld! It's a completely free MMORPG in open betatest fase

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This game will not now be completed but a new Terrworld is being written and any characters will be

2/5 stars(2/5) Reviewed by User: JH on 2004-03-29

This is an online Zelda looking RPG game, currently in the Beta stage and free. It a nice simple little game. where you have a 5 character attributes(Strength, Stamina, Intelligence, Wisdom & Mystcism). You select the lvls of these attributes when you create your character(these you have to guess at they are not explained anywhere except by people in game, and most of that it guesswork). The Characters Attributes cannot be adjusted in game, but they can be expanded on by mastering one of the lvls in game i.e. Luberjacking, mining, fishing, swordfighting, Martial Arts and many more. You start out on a noob island and must complete a mission for one of the Computer controlled characters, where you can then move onto the mainland and buy all the interesting weapons and magic powers you've been saving up for. You can set up a shop, farm, house and even get married in the game. There are also 3 guilds in the game but the guild section has never been written so makes joing them pretty pointless. The control interface is poorly laid out and fixed. Arrow keys move you around, Tab key fires, Ctrl (sometimes) picks things up, and Alt changes the way you are facing(Do not try to do this while fighting as Alt-Tab will have obvious bad side effects). To fire the magic you need to use the mouse to select the spell from a menu, click an item to activate it, then click on the screen to use it. to use the magic I suggest growing another arm, or build up you real life dexterity and Hand eye co-ordination. MAJOR WARNING : Be prepared for lots of time wasting if you want to play this. No I'm not talking about the fact you have to keep hitting the same key to build a skill up, this is to be expected in a game of this style. I am referring to the bugs that dog this game. But they will fix these bugs won't they. No i'm afraid FVANtom as he likes to be called will not be fixing them. He is instead working on a new server and a new Terraworld, where he will port the players from the old game across. I can expect nothing but the same problems from this. The boy is finding spare time from school to write this game and has done a good job up to a point. Alas he has failured to show any interest in completing the first terraworld, let alone fix the bugs. Half the game has never been completed, maybe by version 23 we may get a complete game. Following are the two main bugs that can make you more frustrated than a young boy trying to write his first game and realising it's too much for him. Logging can some times take well over a dozen attempts. Maximum people allowed on screen at any given time is 4(and this is a multiplayer game? well only just). This can causes the screen to crash and anyone in it to loose everything they've worked so hard for. You then have to spend the next several days waiting for 1 of the 4 admins(as I've seen so far Traddy, FatalityX, NeoPhire and FVANtom) to stop ignoring your calls for help. These Admins are rarely on so you have to be persistant and wait a long time. First time i gave up waiting and earned the missing items that had taken about 20 hours of gameplay to amass. This here review is the result of the second attempt.

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