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Quantum Legacy

massive multiplayer online real-time strategy RTS MMORTS browser free shockwave 3D cross platform game Quantum Legacy is a persistent world, massive multiplayer real-time strategy game. Challenge opponents online from inside your browser as you try to take control of a planet split in 3 time periods. Featuring the next generation, modification and total conversion capable cross platform 3D engine.

Latest User Review

Innovative Concept

(5/5) Reviewed by User: SandPit on 2005-09-29

Download time was short using Shockwaves streaming data capabilities on an, "as needed" basis. Meaning you only download what you use... making it a great game for the office. *wink*wink* =) Wait time to load any level was no longer than that of any fully installed and game you may currently own. Incredible 3d Sci-Fi graphics considering the whole game is run inside your browser. Along with a pretty simple "point and click" interface. Unlike all other MMORTS games, Quantum Legacy is not a top down scroller. But instead give you full 3 dimensional control over your perspective, much like today's shooters. Props to these guys and their efforts at trying to create something new and innovative. NOTE: This game is NOT for weak or antiquated PC's

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