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Counter Strike popular

Counter Strike

FREE Half-Life Mod: Team based Terrorist vs Anti Terrorist

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Counter strike

4/5 stars(4/5) Reviewed by User: Danger on 2003-07-29

Counter strike (CS) is a game where 2 teams fight each other with a array of weapons like desert eagle MP40 and HE grenades. The teams are Terrorists and Counter Terrorists each with their mission they have to complete like hostage rescue VIP escape and Bomb plant. The counter terrorists have jobs like rescuing hostages, stoping bombs and protecting VIPs from assassination While the Terrorists have the opposite jobs. You get money from killing people and at the end of the round. The team that won gets more money than the team that lost. You use money to buy better weapons and items like armour He grenades flash bangs smoke grenades and Bomb defuse kit. A good FPS.

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