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Wardrome is a strategic-management game, that takes place in the space. This description may be very common along many browser games... But Wardrome surely is the best of them. Gameplay The strenght of Wardrome resides in 4 main features: - Energy System - Game's complexity - Roleplay - Combat System One of the best thing about Wardrome is that in order to be the best, you don't have to spend 24 hours a day playing it. The gameplay is regulated by a "Energy System". Every action in this game requires a certain amount of energy, and the energy "tank" refills itself over time. The tank is huge, and this means that when you have to go out with your friends, or just want to go to sleep, you can just use all the energy you have and then log out from the game, and you will have approximately 16 hours before the tank is full agian. The game's possible actions are so many that in order the be the best, you will have to spend your energy very accurately, and the game is so deep and complex that you will probably not care about the rankings at all, and play it just for fun. planets creation, commerce, exploration, fleet development and customization, resarch, minerals extraction, industry, fighting other players and much more.

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