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Free Games : MMORPG : The Mafia Legends

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The Mafia Legends

The Mafia Legends

Join The Mafia Legends, where you can win big cash Jackpots every round! Biuld your massive online Mafia Family and work together to fight your way to the top. Have you got what it takes to be The Ultimate Mafia Legend?, only one way to find out!

Latest User Review

Verry good game

(5/5) Reviewed by User: lewje007 on 2009-11-11

Hello, I just want to let you all know this an exiting game with a fast growing community, you can biuld your own mafia family and be at the top of your game. You always get a fair chance at the win without having to spend anything! It is only the first round, and many updates have already happend in them 10 Days. Your happy admin, Lew

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