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Sryth: The Age of Igtheon

Free single-player online fantasy role-playing game that you play right in your web browser!

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3/5 stars(3/5) Reviewed by User: RocMat1 on 2004-09-02

Neat game, no online communication though. Its just a solitary game. Pretty fun... You can start with up to 4 skills, and you get 20 points to spend. If your patient, you can get a great perfect character, you just keep rerolling for his/her stats. The story is always the same, pretty big, many things to do if you look. No real graphics of course. You do not type in what to do though, like most text based. You have an amount of choices to choose from. Sometimes your choices are affected by the certain skills you have. Overall, if you cant afford to buy a game on a C-D, or just dont want to, then this is your best bet.

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