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Monkey Football Manager

Monkey Football Manager

Monkey Football Manager is a football management game where you attempt to manage a team of football playing monkeys. So out with boring player statistics and slowly tweaking your squad, and welcome to the fast moving, highly tactical world of Monkey Football management. Team tactics include giving your player's bananas for a performance boost, or threatening them with a beating if they don't win the match. Tactics make a huge difference, so a team of untrained players can beat the best team in the league if the tactics are right. Watch your team battle it out against your opponents, and see every shot, pass and punch up! Spot the strengths and weaknesses in your team and get a full analysis of how well your tactics worked. Rather than analyse endless player stats, select players based on simple factors like playing style which make a massive difference to the outcome. Buy and sell players from other teams, or purchase fresh recruits and train them to be Monkey Football superstars. Create leagues with your friends to find out who's the best football manager!

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