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Castle Clout

Castle Clout

Kids, do you know what a “trebuchet” is? Well, it would help if you did, because in “CASTLE CLOUT” at FREE ONLINE GAMES FOR KIDS, you’ll be using your trebuchet to launch boulders against your enemies castles and try to knock them out! Ok, to help you out a little bit, a trebuchet is another word for “catapault”–those wooden things that fire big rocks that you see in the movies! And CASTLE CLOUT is gonna be a whole lot of fun for you as you learn to use your weapons to their utmost potential! This game is fun and easy after you get the hang of it, but be prepared to scream at your computer for a bit until you catch on. You’ll love CASTLE CLOUT at Jigglin’ Juggs FREE ONLINE GAMES FOR KIDS, where the gaming is always free, and you can even chat with your friends while you play! Think you can beat our high scores? Good luck!

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