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Global Mercenary

Global Mercenary

Kids, have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of a hard-core sniper and take out your targets from hundreds of yards away? Your prey would never know what hit them, and if you were good at your job, they would be dead before they hit the floor! That’s the kind of life you get to lead in SNIPER: GLOBAL MERCENARY, the great new shooting game from Jigglin’ Juggs FREE ONLINE GAMES FOR KIDS! Choose to accept your various missions, recon the target area through your high-powered rifle scope, and blast your targets into oblivion! But watch out…sometimes the enemy might be hard to spot, and if you miss your shot or take out the wrong target, YOU LOSE! At Jigglin’ Juggs FREE ONLINE GAMES FOR KIDS, you can play tons of shooting sniper games and even chat with your friends at the same time! Play SNIPER: GLOBAL MERCENARY online for free at FREE ONLINE GAMES FOR KIDS! Good luck, soldier!

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