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Ondarun - Car racing team manager

Ondarun - Car racing team manager

Ondarun 2 is the new version of the car racing team management browser-based game. It allows you to enter a huge international, multiplayer and free competition. The game purpose is to win as much races as possible, in managing your cars, parts, drivers, technical team and racetack. After registration, you're placed in a division of 24 teams. 24 league races are runned in a season of 28 days. In order to win, you have to buy a car and recruit a joung driver, and manage them as well you can. Buy more efficient parts for your car, and train your driver in order to avoid crash in race. You'll be able to challenge your friends every morning and compete in league in the evening! Many cups are runned during all the season where you will be able to stick out from the other players! Will you become one of the great champions of Ondarun?

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