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Midnite Challenge

Midnite Challenge

Midnite Challenge is a free exciting multiplayer online racing game experience. Featuring real world cars, earn money to build them up with real world parts including turbo's, superchargers and nitrous! Challenge other online players to street racing or drag racing at the track. Race for money or simply race for pride. Dyno tune your cars and out drive your opponents to victory! Money and speed are the key to winning! Steal from your enemies or other players to slow them down, including their cars or cash. No real racer can get ahead without the support of a crew. Work together online by joining a top ranking crew or start your own! Protect each other from rival players or crews. Attack other crews for cash and steal their top cars. Gain popularity and recruit hot Import Models to make more money for you, but be careful! Don't let other players or crews steal them from you, too!

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5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: CrazyFrog555 on 2008-11-19

This game is damn bloody amazing,its a must game to register and play for so badly.

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