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The Legacy of Holy Castle

The Legacy of Holy Castle

About The Legacy of Holy Castle The brand new massive multiplayer web-game, The Legacy of Holy Castle, is making its appearance. Differ from other common web-game, The Legacy of Holy Castle is based on fantasy warfare story background, and the game also processes a combination of RPG and SLG elements to bring the most astounding gaming experience to its players. By building castle, researching technologies, recruiting heroes and training cadets, you can watch your own territory and plunder others. Join the Tens of thousands of Players, Fight for Glory and Become the Conqueror of the Kingdom Now! Key Features in The Legacy of Holy Castle The Perfect Combination of Hero Development and Strategy Battle The Legacy of Holy Castle perfectly integrates both game plays; players could enhance the attributes of their heroes by sending them to different adventures, missions, trainings, or battles, and the attributes of each hero determine the performance of their following units during battles. Unique Battle Formation System The Legacy of Holy Castle does not allow such game play to ruin the entire gaming experience. Each player could freely design his/her own attack and defensive formation that best fits his/her strategies. By implementing such game play, The Legacy of Holy Castle actually allows its players to overpower high ranking units with the lower ones by carefully and strategically design his/her ideal formation. Warfare is not only comparing numbers! The strategies implemented by the players should be the key factor that determines the victories. Striving to Serve the Gamers The Legacy of Holy Castle embedded detailed new user help and instant communication tools onto its interface, so that all gamers could easily adapt to the game. Along with the close beta server launch, all the exciting special events will be following one another.

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