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CS Galaxies

CS Galaxies

Free Browser Based Space Strategy Game. Complete open Gameplay so you can play however you wish. Become a rich Merchant or fight for Ruler of the Galaxy. Hunt using Informants and following Ion Trails for Bounties. Run a Government as President or become a Planet Emperor. Control Fleets, Alliances, Guilds, Federations & secret Orders. System upgrades and Weapons to customize your Starship. Play for Free now !

Latest User Review

A 'must play' for me...

5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: rids on 2009-09-18

I have played a number of MMORPGs but this one I have stayed with for nearly 3 years now. If you want a game that you can devote either hours or only minutes a day, play a large variety of roles, enjoy over a long time, be able to set new goals and achieve them and to make long term friends with - CD Galaxies is THE game to do it with. So if you would like a friend and some help to get a start - My character name is 'Riddik' (yes correct spelling...) and I will be happy meet you there. Look me up ;)

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