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Free Games : MMORPG : Space Mercenaries

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Space Mercenaries

Space Mercenaries

There are many great games available in this genre but Space Mercenaries breaks the mould by offering a visual feast in battle... ...and this is just the beginning! The full version will feature a living economy and improved graphics in a greater galaxy. So get on board NOW and get ahead!

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Beta Version

(4/5) Reviewed by User: Blueherne on 2008-06-14

This game will not appeal to shoot 'em up addicts. It is a thinkers space strategy game where players can earn funds from mining, salvage collection, trading and taking out the opposition in battle. The events views of the battles are great! The graphics, sound and help files could do with a little more work. You can view the movements of your own fleets and those of the other players at all times. There are lots of technologies and weapons to use to build your own ships. Great fun, with lots of alternative strategies and options; and not too complex!!

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