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ZChurk Word Building Game

The ZChurk word building game. Updated with a new puzzle daily, this word game from Wise Old Duck Games Flash Player 8 and Javascript. Move the pieces, find the words, and get points! What a great way to spend a weekend. How to play : 1) Arrange the pieces as advantageously as you can devise. * Drag and drop the pieces from the right * All yellow circles must be covered * All pieces must be adjacent 2) Find words in them! * Words can be formed by any number of letters connected in any direction Note: You can continue moving the pieces even after you have begun entering words. If you break a word, it will be removed from your list. It will return if you fix it later. Bonuses : 2x word, 3x word, 2x letter, 3x letter. Word length : 25 points for 6 letters, 50 points for 7 letters, +25 for each additional letter... Special Pieces: Orange pieces can them and then use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. Purple pieces have blanks - click them and then press a letter key to fill it in with whatever you want. Registered members can save and load games to try different approaches, and chat by pressing the speech-cloud button.

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