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The Prophets' Song

The dragon that had stirred from its slumber returns to sleep, continuing his dream. The inhabitants of Stax awake. The dark clouds that covered the sky change, leaving a clear gold sky... Welcome to The Prophets' Song (TPS), a FREE massive multiplayer online RPG, Where you can choose to play a character from 10 different races. Each with it's own unique history and abilities. All you need is a browser to join a world where you can interact and compete with other warriors, crafters or questers, all within the persistent Universe of a Dragon's dream. There are currently 3 servers open and playable: Stax is the FREE main server, where you can create a character of either Light or Dark race (Light races - Human, Elf, Dwarf, Troll, Hobbit, Imp. Dark races - Orc, Goblin, Dark Elf, Ogre.) Lambe is a Pay to Play server (a one-time payment of 20 USD) and offers the same race selection as Stax, with the addition of 4 Undead races to choose from (Skeleton, Ghoul, Vampire, Lich). Dro is a Pay to Play (2 USD per session) Rush Server (sessions last approx. 1 month) where you may choose to create and play a character from any of the 14 races available. TPS offers huge multi-layered maps, that are always being worked on to add new areas to discover. Few can claim they've explored it all. You can interact with other players all around the world. Come and join powerful groups of players that will help you fight your way to the top. Join epic battles against armies of monsters or between warring factions. Learn hundreds of recipes to become a top crafter known throughout the lands. Wander the world, discovering and completing a multitude of challenging quests. Whatever your interest, there is always an adventure waiting for you!

Latest User Review

it's all players pleasure

5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: sigurd on 2009-09-10

It is true that some other free based web browers game might have better looking interface, but even if i didn't try yet all those game out on the net, this one caught my attention for some time. I've been playing it for 8 years now. Not all the time sure, but still i come back to it. It allows characters improvement either in warcraft or general crafts. Plenty of stuff to build if you are willing to learn from it. Quest will have you explore all around the map to discover the game, but the real pleasure of this game come from the communities of players, either the light or dark side of the game. IT is endless battle to either won or defend some strategics place. Nights i have spent with friends planning a raid to attack my opponents. Don't worry if you are a beginner and all the old players seems to unreachable. The games has greatly improved toward news players so that now they can catch quiet fast enought the oldest players. Anyway even at low level the game is really good since most of the quest are for the low skilled. a dark elf writter.

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