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Aphelion Trigger

Aphelion Trigger is a Persistant, Browser-Based Text Game combining elements from strategy, simulation, and role playing games in order to tell a trans-humanist story about the conflicts and journeys of humanity as it reaches its limit. The game is set on Terra Nova a rich but hostile planet that was to become humanity's new homeworld after catastrophe deformed the earth. It was here mankind would perfect itself, consummating new extremes of brilliance and cruelty, evolving our race to its natural conclusion. On Terra Nova, the battle lines are etched down the equator, with mankind organized into two chief geographic factions: The Allied Northern Principalities and the Southern Emirate. Each with its own culture and history of espionage and warfare, these two flagship superpowers are anything but unified, and furious power struggles rage as much inside their borders as out. You play the leader of a house, an institution both part city-state and part corporation. Serving under one of the two factions, your duty is to advance the power of your faction and your house by committing unrestrained assault, sabotage, alliance, and betrayal against the houses of other players. If you emerge as the most powerful statesman on Terra Nova, you be rewarded and reviled. But you must hurry. . . Terra Nova is a world of extremes: rich in resources and biodiversity, but highly unstable. With a sharp axial tilt and five moons, the planet undergoes constant transformation and upheaval. Terranovans have learned to survive, but the results are always devastating. Every so often, the planet's poles shift, this is called an age. When a pole shift happens, the age is at an end and the most powerful houses win. The devastation is so complete, however, that you must rebuild your house or start a new one, and thus the cycle continues.

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