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Tactic Wars

Tactic Wars

Gindis as practice for real life The game is aimed at providing the players with the theoretical knowledge and skills needed for a deep understanding of leadership as well as raising the level of the public and worldwide discussion of the subject of leadership. The game offers a multi-disciplinary perspective of all aspects of leadership. The players are exposed to politics, diplomacy, economy, ethics, media, psychology, history and other aspects of leadership. Gindis players also learn world leadership in times of crisis, political marketing and assessment of the leadership skills of other leaders in the game, risk management, the connections between the political system and economic policy and the influence of these connections on macroeconomic factors, division of income and more. No one wants less power, everyone wants more. Nevertheless, in Gindis, it is dangerous to exhibit too much power-lust, and to act openly to attain it. We must look fair and decent. We must therefore act with ingenuity. We must be friendly and at the same time wily, democratic and devious. A talented Gindis player will learn in time to move in an indirect manner: to attack an opponent, he/she will wear kid gloves and smile sweetly. Instead of using force or betrayal, good Gindis players get their way through bait, charm, deceit and complex strategy, and always planning a few steps ahead. Being a Gindis player requires constant alertness and tactical thought. In life we deal with a paradox amazingly similar to the Gindis game. Everything must look cultured and polite, fair, democratic and refined. But if we play too strictly according to these rules, other players will trample us. As in life, underneath the quiet and sparkling surface boils the dark murky lava of greed, envy, lust and hatred. The Gindis player learns an important lesson in life: outwardly we must respect the polite and appropriate behavior of people, but we learn very quickly to be careful and tactical in everything in life, as in the game. As Napoleon said, "Wear velvet gloves on an iron hand". If you succeed as Gindis players to attain the skills of indirect behavior and hone it into an art you will learn to entice, to charm, to con and to deceive your opponents in life and therefore you will have unimaginable power to deal with your everyday reality. If you are talented Gindis players you will have the ability to make people bend to your will without ever understanding what you did to them. And if they don't understand what you are doing they will not object nor hold it against you. Use Gindis as a guide to the art of indirect behavior. By studying the game rules you can understand power and its characteristics. And through application of the rules and constant practice of the game you will succeed and flourish in the real world, looking like a perfect example of fairness, while actually being the personification of manipulation. You might even succeed in making peace.

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