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A Living Universe

A Living Universe

Living Universe is a science fiction, space based, Massively Multiplayer On-Line Game (MMPOG). It takes place in a perpetual universe, which as the term implies, runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are initially placed in control of two small Starships. You must use your cunning, entrepreneurial and combat skills to build yourself an empire of wealth and fame while competing against other human and non-human players with goals similar to your own. There are many paths to riches and fame, which you take is for you to choose. From your small Starship you can: * Expand your fleet with multiple starships. * Interact with other players in chat room and intra-game messaging system. * Establish bases in Star Systems. * Conduct Combat Operations against targets of your choosing. * Transport goods and resources across interstellar space. * Gather and refine the natural resources of the universe. * Compete with others conducting commerce in a free market economy. * Expand your bases to produce weapons, equipment and Starhips! * Explore new space for the first time, expand your empire, the universe is the limit!

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Last chaos malaysia

5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: listek9 on 2007-10-23 Make lev be strong and make money all you can do in this 3d mmorpg you sholud play in this game.Really great event like merdeka quiz event and many more join us now

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