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Peace Country Realm

Peace Country Realm is a free MMORPG that offers thousands of hours of fun, adventure & community. There is much to do, many friends to make, lands to explore, houses to design, quests, treasure hunts, exotic creatures to tame, and customizable characters to build. There is a whole community to become an integral part of for many years to come. From simply visiting with friends, to slaying evil monsters; playing board games with a friend; crafting weapons & armor; baking bread; to growing plant nursery, or hosting trivia or word scramble games, PC Realm is whatever you choose to make it. The future of this new online world is up to its players!

Latest User Review

Great online experience

(5/5) Reviewed by User: christina2439 on 2011-01-04

PCR is an awesome free game site. You can slay dragons, ogres, or even take on a champ spawn. Choose your 'profession'. Be a mage, archer, animal tamer, blacksmith, tinker, the possibilities are endless. It is a very family friendly relaxed world. Where you can have hours of fun doing all sorts of different activities in a group or individually. Great community feel, friendly staff. Try it out, I guarantee you will have as much fun as I have.

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