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Mercenary Lords

Slay monsters, collect gold, form alliances and loot enemy fortresses. Instant fun!

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Mercenary Lords

5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: CorbinDallas on 2007-04-19

This game starts off really rough, as you have little to learn off and only little to be able to accomplish, but ask time goes on and you become stronger and most likely have joined an alliance, things begin to straighten themselves up. Do not let the pixel art work off this game set you off. Like most non/semi graphical games, they have a great base to it, and this have a rather challenging and competitive pull for it. Starting off is of course the hard part like I have said, but ask around for help, go onto the forums and meet the small but thriving community. The gameplay of Mercenary Lords is quiet unique, I personally think it's the only one of it's kind, but within the game you can buy troops, weapons, create buildings when the right skills have been obtained, but while also being able seeing your character and others, aswell as the structures you have built or placed. The game is more or less rather difficult to place into words, you will just have to try this game out for yourself. My advice is don't give up on the game because you think it's 'boring' and 'unexciting' or it's just not 'cool' or to hard. Ask around, stay on for that bit long ask if you can join an alliance to help you gather skills and to become stronger, as you get into the stages when have joined an active wary alliance, you will begin to feel the pull of this game. Just give this excellent game a good, conciderable go, I trust you it will be worth your time in the end.

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