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War of Nations

The purpose of the game is to capture 193 countries in teamwork with other players, organised in nations. In order to capture those countries, you need to fight your way through more than thousand cities and regions, drop nuclear weapons and use special combat units. And you need to keep your compeditors busy elsewhere. As capturing those countries is expensive, you need to earn money and rank. That way you can buy more military units and get access to more destructive special weapons. For your help against your compeditors there are several structures you can buy, upgrade and use in your daily warfare.

Latest User Review

Great game

(5/5) Reviewed by User: mytester on 2007-06-23

One of the best online multiplayers. Take over cities and contries. lots of units and buildings. Research technolygies and produce units instead of buying. You have to do the battles, they are not calculated automaticaly as in many other games like this.

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