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Adam Angel?

Adam Angel? is the worlds first "Toddler Tamagotchi". Contains adverts which are downloaded to your phone. Unlike other virtual pet games, the aim of this game is to look after Adams emotional needs as well as the traditional needs such as feeding etc. During the game you can tell how he is feeling through his facial expressions, a variety of different noises he will make and other subtle signals that the empathetic player will pick up on. If you are successful Adam will turn into a little angel and you will be rewarded with extra mini games. If you fail he will turn into a little devil that will refuse to do what you say. Using sophisticated AI, Adam will develop his own routines and preferences. He will learn to walk and learn to tell you what he needs. Daily reports will tell you how well you are doing and how Adam is feeling. Features Pre-rendered 3D graphics & animations Realistic sound effects* Speech bubbles when sound is off 3D mini games to unlock Automatic game saving Daily progress reports Sophisticated AI Real-time gameplay (Adam will continue to develop even when your phone is switched off) *on compatible devices

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