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Free Games : MMORPG : Island Attack

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Island Attack

Island Attack

The fall of an old world and the beginning of your glorious empire! It all started a few decennia ago, a massive nuclear war between all continents wiped out all considerable countries. But this was only the beginning, this was where it all really started; The earth's major plates had been broken into pieces, the remaining land was tortured by earthquakes and hurricanes. After a few years the earth wasn't the same anymore, the ice caps had melted and all land had been flooded except a few extinguished volcanoes. But those volcanoes had lost all contact with the sea floor, all ground beneath that had been blast away by earthquakes and the shifting plates. This is where you come in to this story, you are one of the few thousands survivals of the natural disasters, and you find yourself unconscious on one of the floating volcanoes, which had in time evolved in some sort of floating island. Although you are not alone you are the only one with any military education, looks like your orientation year as a recruit at the navy comes in handy after all. Because of this you gain command of the Island's military forces, can you defend yourself from the other new nations who're desperate to raid your Island for supplies? Or can you make yourself the most powerful nation and achieve world domination?

Latest User Review

(1/5) Reviewed by User: crazytaz on 2009-01-08

this game is stupid the admins allow cheating which ruins it for everyone

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