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Sinfah's Lair popular

Sinfah's Lair

This game was developed by Don Barnes. Visit my website for free cell phone games and Java ME programming tips: Don's Mobile Games Story Our hero is a space explorer who crash lands on a strange planet where the people are ruled by robots. The only way he can get home is to confront and defeat the leader of the robots, Sinfah, who is perched high atop a huge lair on the mountain. Only then will he learn the horrible secret of this strange world… Gameplay Sinfah’s Lair consists of 6 levels, plus a final boss level. In order to complete each level, you must destroy all the robots in that level, after which the door to the next level will open. Each level is filled with blocks that can be pushed by the hero. Robots can be killed by dropping a block on them, or by squishing them against a wall with a block. Touching a robot will cost you a life. If you get stuck, you can restart the level, which will reset all objects and cost you a life. Controls * Start Game - OK or SELECT key * Walk and Push Blocks - Left and Right keys * Climb Ladders - Up and Down keys * Enter a Door - Up key * Exit Game - Command 1 * Restart Level - Command 2

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till game

(4/5) Reviewed by User: hanuni on 2007-03-22

i think its good ?????????

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