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F1 Manager Pro

F1 Manager Pro

In F1 Manager Pro, You play the plucky manager of a brand new Formula 1 team! Build your team up, negotiate with drivers, suppliers and sponsors to build the best car to pair with the best drivers and annihilate the opposition! This is not another Fantasy F1 game, this is a management simulation!

Latest User Review

Just awesome

5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: Vecrezier on 2006-11-30

I actually don't really even follow F1. And still like think this game is awesome. The lots of opportunities and possibilities this game offers in still such a small thing like the F1. You really don't see this often. And when you for ex. Sign a contract with a driver nowone can take the same driver, this is a good thing because it's really boring with games that you can pick the same drivers and then there is just like 1 good driver, but here you can't have THE BEST DRIVER! Just a really good game, and it does't even take a lot of time so you can play this just like you do your rutines (ex. read mail) I really Hope i'll see you guys soon playing with all of us at F1 manager!

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