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Legacy Worlds

Legacy Worlds

Legacy Worlds is an online multiplayer intergalactic war game. Your goal as a player: build up an empire and defeat the other players. How to achieve that: through technological advancement, alliances with other players and of course conquests. Legacy Worlds is a tick based game. This means events are controlled at given intervals of time called ticks. The current version is Beta 5 and is as the previous ones completely free.

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Legacy Worlds

5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: Builtom on 2007-01-15

Although this is still in BETA, it has a solid community. The developers are around and even play the game, so they try to develop it to help make the game better. It is an easy game to play, although trying to read the manual all at once will take some time and may cause brain ache, however the game will link you to the manual where it is needed so it is easy to pick up and play. Most players are friendly, as those who arent tend to quickly find themselves outside of the game unable to play. It has its own IRC server so people can talk through that, or via the forums if they want to. I would recommend playing this as it isnt hard, doesnt take much time, and can give you loads of fun. If your not sure about joining join the IRC server, and have a talk with anyone whose on there.

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