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Free Games : Free Online Games : Love Or Less - Is it just a game? You decide!

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Love Or Less - Is it just a game? You decide!

Love Or Less - Is it just a game? You decide!

Play purely for entertainment or build up a social network of potential partners. Stop wasting your energy filling out boring, time consuming application forms or sifting through inaccurate and out of date personal details. Forget all the other so called "dating" sites that simply match commonality between user's profiles. Did that idealistic method for finding a companion ever work in the real world? With Love or Less™ you can be playing in just a few minutes and no email address is required. You are quickly able to ask questions about anything that is a priority to you and discover the answers that are important while still remaining anonymous. At any time you can take the fun to a more serious level by requesting direct email communication with a contestant that has impressed you with their answers. The game is enjoyable for those just wishing to flirt or philander, but also useful to those hoping to find a relationship through a more casual dating environment. This is the right way to meet people online!

Latest User Review

Enetertaining way to make new friends

(5/5) Reviewed by User: gamebuff on 2006-10-10

This game can be hilarious. You have to be careful of the newbies who tend to screw things up a little with dumb or empty questions but when you find a good group of people this can be so much fun. I highly recommend trying it! You don't even need to have an email address.

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