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Chosen Space popular

Chosen Space is a free web-based massively multiplayer strategy game that gives you the freedom to play in whatever way you wish. From becoming a bounty hunter to joining a trading federation, from becoming a planet president to governing a far flung outpost, from smuggling illegal cargo to controlling an empire, however you choose to play just remember that survival is all that matters. Chosen Space is a turn based game which is simple to play but takes time to master and can be played casually or late into the night. The game doesn’t reset after a set time meaning the galaxy constantly evolves, so join now to become a part of the Chosen Space community!

Latest User Review

For those new Players

4/5 stars(4/5) Reviewed by User: ChaosIV on 2009-05-27

I've been playing for just a few weeks. For this game to be fun you must make friends. Joining a faction is the simplest way. But you can make informal alliances by just sending messages back and forth. The economy, the wars, missions, quest, it's all player based. It's an awesome game. Don't let the simple graphics fool you, it's the player interaction that make the game so great. If you get confused, ask/message another player, there are enough nice players out there to give you free advise.

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