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From the jilted minds at Paradigm-Imagination comes Drug-Lords. A FREE online strategy game for adults that's fast paced, browser based, and highly addictive. Travel deep into a seedy underworld normally hidden from everyday life in a competition to take control of cities, and build an empire from the ground up. You must forge strong alliances and put your tactical abilities to work if you want to succeed. Prepare to lose yourself in this intensely competitive drug game of wits, in an all out battle for rank, power, money and respect. Drug-Lords invites you to join and compete in a multiplayer tournament against others for cash and in-game prizes. Inside the game you have an assortment of different rounds to choose from, each with different unique aspects, and each lasting 10 intense days. Within each round you have the ability to create an untouchable crime syndicates, run a profitable drugs operation, control elaborate crime rings, and much more. Numerous characters to choose from, each with their own skills and array of hidden secrets, Drug-lords is sure to keep you coming back time after time.

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Ive played since the game started.

3/5 stars(3/5) Reviewed by User: Eastend_Tone on 2007-07-04

I have played these mafia style games for 3 years or so now. This one is worth a try for yourself and is much the same as the other mafia style games out there. I would rate it 5 out of 10, it does have some unique changes here but all in all you can not beat the best mafia game made so far. Use the following link to a far superior mafia style games with a real chance to win the prizes and customer focus a main objective. I will assist you if need be. My name is EAST. Give it a go. Respect

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