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The Playmate Mansion popular

The Playmate Mansion

This is role-playing with traditional empire-building game. You can build your own Playmate Mansion and develop your Playmate magazines and business. Grow famous and sustain the party as you pursue the ultimate Playmate Boss lifestyle.

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Hey Friend

5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: itbugs2005 on 2006-10-07

THe game has lots of fun Entertenment and ofcorse money hhahahahha i am trying to be supporter there and will be soon one of money friend is there as supporter there and i did gone for this becuase he was the one who force me to go for theplaymate now i am edict of this game and am always there the playars are also very friendly they are always there to teach newcomers to learn game in this game some said it has adult content i think there is nothing like that and yeah ofcorse if this one this adult cont.... of A class then what is TV programmer be mature friend.... what ever this game has lots of special things with it. you can talk to me or personaly talk me on my yahoo itbugs2005... happy theplaymatemansion

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