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The Prison Inmate popular

The Prison Inmate

This is the first free strategic massive multiplayer online game based on the real life behind bars. Your subordinates will include drug dealers, male bitches, serial killers, bodyguards, thieves, hustlers, thugs and crooked guards. Your daily routine will include smuggling drugs and weapons, exercising in the gym, getting high and attacking other inmates. Win and earn respect. Lose and become somebody's bitch. Which one is it going to be? Sign up for Free, start playing within seconds and find out!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The game is constantly improving. You must check it out.

Latest User Review

Not a good game, i wouldn't play it.

1/5 stars(1/5) Reviewed by User: GameRanker109 on 2007-09-30

Hello, I played this game, i don't realy like it, it is all about fighting, and cursing, and alot of sexual content in it. Don't let any kid under 21(Even Grown men/women shouldn't play it) play it. It's not a clean Game.

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