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Free Games : Free Online Multiplayer Games : Pirates of the Spanish Main

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Pirates of the Spanish Main

Arrg maties... if yur look'n ta seek your fortune on the high seas with a pistol and cutlass then ye be in the right place! Pirates of the Spanish Main is a free web based massive multi-player online game that's based on the pirate way of life in the 1500 and 1600's... the quickest way to riches or Davy Jones locker! In the world of The Spanish Main there are four main locations: the ports, the seas, your ship, and your home port. Buy supplies, shanghai crew, and offer alliances at ports like Tortuga and Port Royal. Be sure you have your ship stocked with enough food, rum, and limes to keep your crew happy or you may find yourself swimming. While at a port you can upgrade your ship to carry more cannon and more sail for greater strength and speed. Sail the high seas of the Spanish Main and beyond to attack other ships, capture treasure, bury your plunder, or search out someone else's buried treasure. At your home port you can establish a base of operations to provide supplies to outfit you ship or to trade at the ports for cash. At the end of each 10 day round, prizes are given to the top players.

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(1/5) Reviewed by User: Jepajobrch on 2007-09-29

It's the worst game ever because i could not even register for it it kept coming up Error . Nothing Before @ Valid Email Address Must Be Entered .

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