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Pirate The World - Online Adventure Game popular

Pirate The World - Online Adventure Game

Pirate The World is an online adventure game where you can earn real cash and prizes for free. Sail the world and discover your fortune by searching islands for gold, prizes and even real money! Plunder gold by attacking other pirates (online players) and towns you find along the way.

Latest User Review

Pirate the World

(5/5) Reviewed by User: santarra on 2006-02-08

This is a great game filled with great folks playing! THere is an ingame chat, fourm and plenty of help for tech problems. It seems to be about the most honest game out there with all monthly payments promptly made. The folks that run it are very helpful and correct problems as soon as they arrise. Everyone has a chance to cash out every month for real cash, and during the month there are things like t-shirts and last month there was even an X-box 350 that was given away just for landing on the right island! See you on the seas!

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