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Oz Online popular

Oz Online

Oz Online offers a breath of fresh air in today's combat-ruled MMORPG landscape. Instead of forcing players to compete against each other, this game promotes community and friendship by concentrating on friendly interactions and social gatherings. Players who decide to participate in the unique system of Oz Personal have a much easier time making friends online, at the same time getting to know some of them in real-life.

Latest User Review

Oz - Find Unexpected Happiness Here

5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: mizzkat on 2005-11-22

This is a great free game. You can also opt to purchase cash to buy items, houses, and gold (oz currency). With in the game you will find many players from all over the world. This is a very social game giving you opportunity to meet many people. The game allows for you to browse or post a personal seeking a friend, a pal, or even someone to date. The game also offers an In-game Marriage (not discriminate against sexuality). The game offers many items to dress your avatar in and where they can go- You can even purchase a house, make it your dream house with all your personal touches. Throw a party and invite friends to check it out. Beyond the socializing and the obvious fishing done in Oz there is so much more! The GM offers several events, some weekly, some holidays, some for the fun of it. These events allow you to compete for fun prizes, rare items, and gold. New things happening in Oz lately are a New Oz radio- make request/ dedication and listen in. You can even DJ threw the server. Also New Oz Webzine- a report of new hot trends in OZ and all the dirty scoop on what’s happening can be found here. You can even be a reporter and print out your own in the Open Webzine. Once you get tired of shooting and killing its nice to sit back and enjoy OZ, and it is easy to become an OZ addict as many other players in the game can tell you they are!

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