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Airsoft War Zone

Airsoft War Zone

Airsoft WarZone is the revolutionary free massively multiplayer browser-based role playing game with PRIZES up for grabs! AWZ is the world's first and only virtual airsoft game. You begin with little more than your wits and a small bit of pocket change. In time, you can create a fierce army of powerful soldiers that will wreak havoc on your enemies. Join today and become a soldier, mercenary or warrior.

Latest User Review

Worst Game Ever

1/5 stars(1/5) Reviewed by User: Roadkill66 on 2006-02-27

NO ACTION you just click a button and it tells u if ya won! If i Could i'd give it a 0 outta 5. Incredibly Stupid!!! I spent a half hour to make an account then all i can do is buy guns and ammo then click a button to see if i won!?!?!?! It takes no skill whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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