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Visual Utopia popular

Visual Utopia

Visual Utopia is a fantasy web game played in your browser. It has an advanced map based on asp and javascript, so you do not need any plugins or downloads to play it! The goal of the game is to grow an empire stronger then everyone else’s, using strategy and politics. You can explore and create new colonies or train armies that you can use to take over colonies by force. Depending on the terrain, the colonies will produce resources that you can trade on the market or use for constructing and training of troops.

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VU rules

5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: cheesehead69 on 2007-05-28

this game is fun for a while if u get into a good kingdom and i think it is very addictive i cant go 2 days without checking my account and this game takes a good bit of stratagy to play and understand it might take u a few eras to get going good

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