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War of Conquest popular

War of Conquest is a massively multiplayer strategy game that offers cash prizes. The list of activities includes creating a nation, forging alliances and waging war, all the while developing your technological sophistication and competing for resources. Your ultimate goal is to search out ancient orbs scattered throughout the landscape, conquer those who would have them and make them your own. Every minute you hold on to a captured orb, your cash prize grows. Download and play War of Conquest now at

Latest User Review

Uh... no

1/5 stars(1/5) Reviewed by User: enaiden on 2004-06-22

I'm sure the game is fine and all, but I'm not going to wait 4 hours and 30 minutes just to download it then to see what the game is really like. The game needs to be a lot smaller, so it's compatable for all users. Not just for the people with newer computers!

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