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Free Games : MMORPG : Solar Empire

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Solar Empire

Solar Empire

A new age has dawned for mankind. Interstellar travel sparks the imagination and the conflagration of war. Clans arise from the ashes of chaos while alliances form and melt in the never ending forge of battle. Master the arts of colonization and exploration while playing a noble but precarious game of warfare to ensure survival. Encounter extraterrestrials and bitter alien raids, black holes and mind warping wormholes to the other side of the galaxy. Join the Solar Empire, a FREE online multiplayer game!

Latest User Review

A great strategy game but takes a little while to learn.

(4/5) Reviewed by User: WeirdAl32 on 2005-06-11

At first, Solar Empire seemed very daunting. So many options on what to do yet it was still enough to keep me interested. After reading the help file, I finally began to catch on and it was a pretty fun game. What differentiates Solar Empire from other games is the maintenence system. Every hour your ships mine minerals from the galaxy which you can then sell for more money. It is a lot like Space Traders in that way but with much more community and role playing. All in all, Solar empire is a very fun game once you get used to it that has a great community.

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