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Super Collapse II popular

Super Collapse II

This is a great NEW version of the old and VERY addictive game of Collapse.
You have to match the same colour bricks and they explode and dissappear when you click them.
In this version there are 4 modes of play: Classic, Panic, Stragety & Puzzle. If you like poppit you will love this.

Latest User Review

Great Game

(5/5) Reviewed by User: Jammer on 2003-07-31

I love the 4 versions of play.
1) Classic - this is the old classic Collapse game where you have to clear lots of blocks as the rows slowly grow from bottom up. It starts off pretty easy, but it quickly turns into a fast paced clicking frenzy...
2) Panic - If you thought the Classic Collapse was pressure - then this will really pop your top! There are 2 rows growing from both top and bottom, so there is twice the work. This game really does require "Twitch Tactics"...
3) Puzzle - This is a great variation where each level is a puzzle already laid out and you need to work out the right sequence to clear the level. This is a real buzz...
4) Strategy - my favourite, in this version, you are not under the pressure of time, each time you click away some blocks a new row appears, which means you have to make very careful choices about where you click, you need to spend time studying each click. The more careful you play, the better your score...
The original Collapse game is the most popular game here at Free-Games and this version will prove to be more popular.

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