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Free Games : MMORPG : Province

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Province is a turn-based strategy/action game. You're part of a Clan which negotiates with the other clans. Clans are at war with each-other, help each-other and backstab each-other to gain the Agevictory of great honour and respect. As a stand-alone empire in a clan you race up the ranks and compete with the rest for the Ageprize, which are etiher money for you in person or credits you can use in the game to gain an edge. Province combines past, present and future millitary-units and buildings in a graphic and dynamic gameplay. You can as a stand-alone Empire turn the entire ranklist in a single day, if you do the right things. Province contains many experienced Empires, whom are willing to help you getting started. So join the battle for honour now! Join the race against victory in this brilliant game! Join up and use your skills and stats to gain the ultimate victory for yourself and your clan! Good luck! You'll need it...

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