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Free Games : MMORPG : Omricon Beta

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Omricon Beta

Omricon Beta

Omricon Beta is a brand new online free multiplayer role playing game - Free MMORPG. Register, get your shiny new Clipper and try to conquer galaxy far, far away.... Explore, trade, resource, interact with other players and game controlled characters. More than 20 different ships: fighter, destroyer, frigate battleship, even carrier, 60+ unique upgrades and equipments, 60+ deadly weapons. Build a spaceship of your dreams and lead it into a battle. And the best part: It is FREE for everyone!!

Latest User Review

Its great!!

(4/5) Reviewed by User: Jezus on 2005-05-13

Im am very suprised that no revievs has been done yet, This game really deserves 4/5 its gameplay and physics are very unique not what you find in most games today, no weird restrictions no special PvP areas, no lvl based limitations. There are lots of ships to own and each is extreamly cusomisable, only restriction while building ur ship is your imagination, space on ship and your money :) There are lots of systems to explore, many cargos to trade, few missions NPC hiring, outposts to own and control with your alliance mates, ports and stations to raid. You can do almost anything you want as long u have resources to do so, Omricon is really a great game worth the time!

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